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The game is played with a Size 5 Soccer Ball, 1 ball per player. There are max 4 players per group. Only runners or soft shoes may be worn while playing Footgolf. No Football Boots, Studs, Spikes or Golf  Shoes permitted. The ball is kicked from the teeing area(Yellow Markers) to the green(Indicated with White Flags, 1 – 18). The player getting the ball into the hole in the fewest number of kicks is deemed to have won the hole. The player with the lowest score or who has won the most holes is deemed to be the winner. The starting kick can be made only from the ground, and the player may make a kick-off with both his left or right foot.
Kicks can only be made with these parts of the leg:
  • internal side
  • external side
  • leg tip
  • rolling with leg sole
  • kicking with heel
Every contact with the ball counts as one kick. Ball Unplayable Under Tree or in Ditch – Drop Ball, not nearer the hole (1 Penalty Kick).

Note: No running on the course, No Shouting or Unruly behaviour permitted, any person causing damage to the course will be asked to leave immediately without refund. Please let faster players through, Rake bunkers, Be courteous to other players.
Please be respectful of FootGolf dress code. FootGolf players wear traditional golf attire. Shorts or pants and a collared shirt – no running or athletic shorts allowed. NO Soccer Spikes Allowed – Only Rubber Soled Shoes.
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